June 30, 2009

Los Betos (Review)

I wasn't sure if I should review Los Betos. It is, after all, part of a chain of restaurants. But this was the first time since I started working on this blog (other than some Papa Murphy's pizza the wife brought home) that I had the opportunity to eat out, and I was itching to review something. That, coupled with the fact that it's not exactly a franchise giant (and after all, Boise's own beloved Flying Pie has two stores, which technically means that it's a chain as well) was enough to make it official. The small group of Mexican fast food joints based out of somewhere in Utah would be my first.

June 26, 2009

One man's menudo is another's tripe

Menudo. According to Wikipedia, it contains "tripe, honeycomb and 'librillo' stomach beef meat along with the beef feet and tendons" Just the thought churns my stomach a little. Yet in Mexico, this traditional soup is considered both a star of special occasions and the ultimate hangover cure. Why should I reject tripe, pickled pigs feet, or fish with heads? Certainly, the old saying "don't knock it until you've tried it" should apply, right? After all, every day we eat foods filled with aspartame, which has a higher rating on the hazard diamond than the stuff I use to clean restrooms at work. And it's silly to worry about beef feet when you eat the modern cow in the first place. Besides, I've been eating Rocky Mountain Oysters....calf or sheep testicles, for those of you who might not know, for years. That's way more disgusting than some intestine, right? But my father, who grew up eating them on his family's farm in California during the Sixties, wanted to share the experience with me. He picked out the small ones (without the rubber band like veins so prominent throughout) and deep fried them, serving them to me as "veal nuggets". It's a matter of conditioning. And it's an unfortunate fact of life that a society so obsessed with eating meat is also picky about where it gets it.