September 27, 2012

Looking Ahead

It's been a busy month here at Catfish's Dishes.  Apart from this past one, I have been managing to post multiple blogs in a week, and readership has gone up quite a bit.  Next week, I get even more of a bump as one of my recipes will be featured on a guest post at Macheesmo.  The Mandarin Orange-Dark Chocolate Won Tons are one of my favorite recipes, and a completely original creation by yours truly, so it will be great that a wider audience gets to experience them on October 3rd.

Looking ahead, I would like to solicit the opinion of my readers as to what you enjoy most on Catfish's Dishes.  First, which of the features do you read on a regular basis?  Select all that apply.

 Secondly, thinking of the feature "Other People's Recipes," it has tended to focus on healthy recipes I have been culling from blogs around the internet, but I have considered focusing on individual cookbooks from time to time.

Finally, the biggest contribution to my readership has been word of mouth.  I don't buy ads, and I don't get promoted by search engines.  Which leads me to this last question:

Any additional thoughts?  Leave them in the comment section below, or follow me on Twitter.  @vlazuvius.  As always, thanks for reading.    

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